Scoot passenger asks for water; gets cup of ice instead and has to wait for it to melt

Photos: FlyScoot/Facebook and FlyScoot Facebook community page
Photos: FlyScoot/Facebook and FlyScoot Facebook community page

You get what you pay for — that’s a pretty true phrase in life, especially when it comes to budget purchases. Like budget airlines, where you obviously don’t get the same amenities as other carriers, simply because you got your ticket for a fraction of the regular price.

So most people know not to expect too much on a budget flight like, say, Scoot. The local airline, which had one of its flights from Singapore to Osaka delayed last week, received a bit of unhappy feedback from one passenger on board the plane. While he was still in his seat, he put up a post on Scoot’s Facebook page, commenting about its service.

Apparently, he had requested a cup of water, but was told that only bottled water was available and that had to be purchased (which is par for the course when it comes to budget airlines). So he was given a cup of ice and told to wait for the frozen cubes to melt. Unfortunately, that did not go down well with him.

“All I am asking [for] is just a cup of water, I wouldn’t care if it was from the tap,” he explained. “I hope that there could be some sort of care for passengers, not being unreasonable over here.”

His post subsequently went viral, although most netizens didn’t take his feedback seriously, saying that 1) tap water from the plane isn’t fit for consumption, 2) don’t pay for budget and expect the best treatment, and 3) getting a cup of ice is technically getting water for free.

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