Scandalised ex-MP David Ong issued apology letters to residents of his former Bukit Batok ward

The high standard of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) proved to be unattainable for former Member of Parliament (MP) David Ong, who had an extramarital affair with a grassroots volunteer in his constituency.

His abrupt resignation last month was of course a shocker — PAP politicians were supposed to be pure and clean as their white uniform symbolised no? Ong was relieved from his post, despite being actually well loved by his Bukit Batok constituents (and obviously super-loved by his married mistress too). 

Presumably driven by guilt, Ong was reported by Lianhe Zaobao to have sent personal letters of apology to residents of his former ward, expressing his regret for not completing his term in office. 

“I made a serious error of judgement in my personal life, leading to my resignation as MP,” the letter stated. “I am deeply sorry for having let you down, and for not being able to serve you for the full term that you elected me for.”

The vacuum of power in the single-member ward will be filled up soon in a by-election, currently being contested by PAP’s Murali Pillai and Singapore Democratic Party chief and longtime opposition veteran Chee Soon Juan. 

The letter that Ong sent out also contained his gratitude to all who’ve stood by him during the scandal — especially his wife and family. We’re guessing they’re all still sticking together despite all the very public hullaballoo. 

“I want to thank you for your friendship and for giving me the privilege of serving you as your MP over the last six years,” he added in the letter. 

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