Roy Ngerng to pay $150k to PM Lee in monthly instalments over 17 years

Remember when blogger Roy Ngerng was ordered to pay Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong $150,000 for defamation damages? He penned an article about the shortcomings of the Central Provident Fund, accusing PM Lee of misappropriating the monies, and ended up having to defend himself in court. 

Unsuccessfully, of course. Last December, he was sentenced to pay up the fee, and today’s hearing between both sides’ lawyers to assess the damages concluded the terms of payment. Ngerng will have to cough up $100 a month for the first five years, followed by $1,000 per month afterwards, until $150,000 has been paid in its entirety, TODAY reports. And if he pays up on time each month, no interest will be charged.

If you add all that up, it’ll take Ngerng 17 years to be released from his debt. Unless he misses one month’s bill — then the full outstanding charges and added interest will require immediate payment.



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