Police warn about new round of scams demanding $5K for safe return of kidnapped daughters

Photo: u/Trashme23 via Reddit
Photo: u/Trashme23 via Reddit

The Singapore Police Force has issued an advisory for yet another wave of scams involving the (fake) kidnapping of daughters.

According to the police, a number of reports have been lodged of late from recipients of text messages that cite that their loved ones have been kidnapped. A POSB savings account number is provided — most likely a money mule account — for the recipient to transfer over S$5,000 in exchange for the safe return of the kidnapped daughter.

Of course, the scam message would sound stupid to anyone who doesn’t have kids or daughters, but it could cause alarm to parents who do. This new round of scam messages are similar to the ones spreading around back in April, only this time, the ask is S$5,000 instead of S$500,000.

Photo: u/Trashme23 via Reddit
Photo: u/Trashme23 via Reddit

Members of the public are advised not to transfer any money as instructed by the text messages and contact their loved ones immediately to confirm their safety. And of course, block and report the contact number as spam.

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