Pet lovers, listen up — this app tells you everything about taking care of pets in Singapore

Hey, pet owners. If you’ve ever had to deal with the soul-crushing experience of losing your beloved dog or cat, you’ll know that you never wanna feel that way again. And perhaps you can prevent that with Pet Widget, an app created by a Singapore-based start-up.

Basically, each QR Code and NFC-enabled badge costs $29, and you can tag it on your pet’s collar to scan its locations. All the data you key in about your pet will be stored on the app, and you can choose what type of information you’d like to share or keep private. Once you’ve got the basic stuff set up, browse through the listings and reviews to discover new animal-friendly places or the best groomers or pet shops to check out. 

Since you’ll be part of a pet-loving community, feel free to add friends, ask questions and share nuggets of useful information with other pet owners. And if your pet gets lost one day, hopefully a kind soul will pick it up and get in touch with you to return it. 

Pet Widget is available at Naiise, The Animal Ark, SPCA and Bugis Street Online.

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