Person spotted standing in the middle of Singapore highway flagging for a vehicle

A person was spotted on viral videos trying to flag a vehicle to stop in the middle of an expressway (Photo: Reddit screengrab)

Ever had that moment when you’re so desperate to get a cab or to hitchhike that you would walk anywhere just to find a prime spot to flag a vehicle down?

We don’t know if that’s what this person felt, but the result is still the same: a video floating around social media sites Facebook and Reddit showed a person standing right smack in the middle of an expressway frantically hailing for a vehicle to stop.

The video was uploaded to the “SINK – Singapore Ink” Facebook page on Thursday and later uploaded on the r/Singapore thread of Reddit on Friday.

It is not immediately clear which expressway this video was shot at, but it must be noted that there is a law in Singapore that prohibits people from going or remaining on an expressway by foot or, if you fancy it, by skates.

The law is under Section 14A of the Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) Rules act, and unless a Deputy Commissioner of Police allows this person to get on the expressway by foot, the act is considered illegal.

Under Section 6 of the same act, no vehicle is allowed to stop or remain at rest on an expressway to pick someone up from the expressway.

The person’s action caught the eye of netizens who were quick to dash the hopes and dreams of the frantic to-be passenger: the cab will not be yours today.

(Photo: Reddit screengrab)
(Photo: Reddit screengrab)

Probably the best comment on this bizarre incident came from a user who pointed out what possible ride the person on the expressway would have gotten instead.

(Photo: Reddit screengrab)
(Photo: Reddit screengrab)

Having said that, several commenters also highlighted experiences in which they were passengers of vehicles that broke down in the middle of the expressway and fortunately managed to hop onto other vehicles that stopped for them on the expressway so the passengers could rush to their destinations.

Our personal favorite comment came from a Reddit user who highlighted a situation everyone can empathize with:

Don't laugh too hard, or else you might accidentally pee. (Photo: Reddit screengrab)
Don’t laugh too hard, or else you might accidentally pee. (Photo: Reddit screengrab)

Folks, the next time you’re running late and contemplating running on the expressway to try and get a cab, you might want to stop first and think of the consequences of getting caught. Better yet, try waking up a bit earlier next time. It always helps.

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