Once arrested for vandalism, Sticker Lady writes “My Grandfather Road” across Circular Road

Take a break from the tiring state of politics — both local and international — and be filled with mirth that rebel street artist Samantha Lo (SKL0) managed to pull off this amazing feat.

Once charged for mischief in 2013 for her viral antics involving spray-painting the popular colloquial phrase “My Grandfather Road” on several roads, the ‘Sticker Lady’ took it to the next level by using chalk to write a 170 metre-long version of the phrase across Circular Road. It’s so mind-blowingly huge that you can only make it out properly in a drone pic.

Describing it as one of her most challenging pieces to date, the artist managed to pull the whole thing off during the recent street carnival Circular Spectacular last Saturday with help from her crew. It really seems like a huge ‘screw you’ to The Man — after all, she was sentenced to 240 hours of community service for her guerrilla art three years ago. Now, she’s actually invited to do a huge-ass version of the piece that she was arrested for. Who da thunk it.

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