Oh nothing, just a cockroach running off with its cigarette loot at an HDB void deck

Screengrabs from video

Is life in Singapore too stressful? Because it seems even insects are feeling the pressure and the need to blow off some steam. In a video that’s been circulating around social media, one particularly burnt out cockroach was spotted scurrying home with its cigarette loot at night, across what looked like an HDB void deck.

Perhaps it did not have the proper identification to purchase a pack at the nearby convenience store. Or maybe it was low on cash and could only afford to run off with one cig it found while rummaging through the rubbish bin. Whatever the case, this creature sure worked hard for its stash and could probably use a puff or two — as long as it stays away from “no smoking” areas. Now, if only someone would hand it a light.

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