Off-duty army medic husband and nurse wife duo aid ailing passenger on international flight

Photo: John Lin / Facebook

You already know that Singapore Airlines (SIA) is one of the world’s best airlines, but you probably didn’t know that their passengers are pretty amazing too.

During a flight to from Singapore to Japan last Friday, two off-duty Singaporean medical professionals sprung to action after noticing that their fellow passenger had fallen unconscious outside the bathroom, according to a Facebook post by The Singapore Army.

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Senior Staff Nurse Audrey Chia and her husband, Lam Guo Wei, a Medical Vocational Instructor at the Singapore Armed Forces Medical Training Institute, rushed to the unconscious man’s side. The pair moved him to a more spacious area on the plane and assessed his vital signs, while also taking note of his medical history thanks to a flight attendant, who was able to translate.

A Japanese physician who also happened to be a passenger on the same flight was consulted soon after and concluded that no emergency landing was necessary.

“This was the second time I’ve encountered a casualty on board a commercial flight,” said ME1 Lam. “Since my wife and I are medically trained and qualified to aid someone, we did not hesitate to step forward.”

Photographer John Lin — who had been traveling with the couple for their photoshoot — first posted about the incident on his Facebook page. “Seeing them saving a life real time, as husband and wife was an awe-inspiring experience,” he said, adding that SIA offered the couple cash vouchers as a token of appreciation.

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