NUS students build huge ass drone capable of carrying human pilot

Well, this was the end goal of all those newfangled consumer drones right? A drone big enough that you can fly along with it as your own personal transport? 

Eight erudite engineering students from the National University of Singapore dreamed big and successfully built Singapore’s first personal flying machine. The appropriately badass titled Snowstorm is a huge drone capable of vertical take-off and landing that can be controlled by an individual seated within the machine. 

“A common trope in popular science fiction is the projection of humans flying on our own – think the Jetsons, or even Back to the Future,” said Dr Joerg Weigl, one of two supervisors of the project. “Snowstorm shows that a personal flying machine is a very real possibility, primarily as a means to fulfil our dreams of flying within a recreational setting”. 

Though its specs right now aren’t that fully fleshed out yet (it’s only capable of carrying a load of 70kg for about five minutes), the team will continue to fine-tune their flying machine and work on improving it for recreational use by the general public. 


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