NTU has ordered 3 of its students to stop brewing beer in its premises

After brewing ten batches of beer, three students of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) had their endeavor shut down by the university’s management, The Nanyang Chronicle reported.

Not because it got out of hand, but because it was against the law to brew beers on university grounds and sell it in NTU’s premises. Binjai Brew — named after the trio’s hall of residence, Binjai Hall, where the beers are brewed — had apparently violated conditions in the Customs (Home-Brewing of Fermented Liquors) (Exemption) Order.

While Rahul Immandira, Heetesh Alwani, and Abolish Subbaraman didn’t intend to sell their booze for profit, the fact that they accepted voluntary donations in return for the beer still deemed it a sale. The venture was also conducted on NTU property, which is a no-no considering that brewing can only be done in homes, like HDB flats or private properties.

The project started in August last year, after Immandira learned the basics of brewing after an overseas internship at an American beer company, The Nanyang Chronicle reported. Upon returning, he roped in his two close friends to start brewing for fun, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of equipment on their own. Binjai Brew was soon born, and by the end of their last batch, they estimated that over 700 people had consumed it.

The NTU administration only got wind of the project when the trio started an Instagram page for their brand, which has since been taken down.

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