Mystery SAF man pictured helping an elderly lady cross the road finally identified and commended

Photo: All Singapore Stuff; The Singapore Army via Facebook

Nearly a week after a uniformed military personnel found internet fame after being snapped helping an old lady cross a road, the Singapore Armed Forces made his identity public in a post that praised his deed.

Last Friday, a picture of the SAF National Serviceman was shared across a few social media pages — a heartwarming image of him holding his hand up to traffic in a bid to let a frail-looking elderly woman cross a road safely.

Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook

There was this rather dank meme that came out from the incident too.

It was only yesterday that Singaporeans finally got to know his name: Kyler Sng. A lance corporal in the reserve division of 2 People’s Defence Force, The Singapore Army Facebook page commended the man for helping the lady on the evening of July 5.

“I had alighted outside my home and saw the old lady trying to cross the road,” LCP Kyler Sng recalled.

“There were only 10 seconds left (on the traffic light), and there was no way that she would cross in time at the pace she was moving at,” he said, adding that he decided to stop traffic on his own to prevent a potential accident.

Yeap, yet another kind-hearted SAF personnel getting praised — right after an off-duty army medic (and his nurse wife) got hailed for helping out a fellow passenger on a flight from Singapore to Japan.

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