Motorcyclist crashes out after colliding into sambar deer that dashed across Upper Thomson Road

Video screengrab

In the latest episode involving the frequent clashes between man and wildlife in Singapore, a motorcyclist was knocked off his two-wheeler when a native sambar deer suddenly dashed out onto the road right in front of him.

The animal encounter along Upper Thomson Road on Tuesday night had been caught on dash cam and shared onto the Facebook page — offering rare footage of an accident caused by wild animals in Singapore. Upper Thomson Road cuts through undeveloped forested areas and is a site of frequent animal-related accidents such as wild boars becoming roadkill.

Tuesday, however, saw a motorcyclist crashing out thanks to a collision that he could not have possibly avoided — literally a deer-in-headlights moment. From out of a forested area, the deer dashed out onto the road, only to cross directly in front of the motorcyclist. The rider tumbled down hard, while the deer managed to get up immediately and remained rooted on the spot.

It’s unclear what happened afterward, but hopefully, the rider is recovering well from the accident. As for the deer, let’s hope it wasn’t injured enough to require euthanization.

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