Mother and daughter thought missing turns up in Romania — girl was just visiting boyfriend

A love for manga sparked a romance between a young Singaporean woman and a Romanian teenager. The love affair however proved to be pretty damn bizarre.

25-year-old Cheryl Yap Lay Leng brought her mother along with her to Romania, along with about $50,000 in funds. All without telling her father, who came home one day last month, finding no trace of both women. Their passports were gone too. 

The 59-year-old taxi driver dad had even lodged a police report about the sudden disappearance of his wife and daughter, according to The New Paper, fearing that they fell victim to scammers. He found out from his daughter’s credit card statement that she bought flight tickets to Romania. 

Weeks after the disappearance, the man finally felt relief after it was reported on Romanian media that both women were safe and secure in Bucharest. All the troubles and worries, just because of young love. 

In an interview with Romanian media, Cheryl stated that she had travelled to Romania to meet 18-year-old Alexandru Donea, her boyfriend she met online two years ago. She and her mother had been staying with Donea and his family in their Vulturesti home, 150km from the Romanian capital. 

She mentioned that they fell in love the first time they met, and she was even willing to stay in Romania for him. Her mother was bewildered at first, but has since accepted their relationship. 

Shin Min Daily News reports that Cheryl’s parents have since spoken to each other on the phone, and the father has agreed to let them stay for one or two more months. Donea himself has apologised to Cheryl’s dad over the phone. 

Typical of Romanian hospitality, Donea’s parents have welcome both Cheryl and her mother with open arms — even though they don’t speak a lick of English. 

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