MasterChef Singapore does an about-turn; will now air in English on Channel 5

Photo: MasterChef/Facebook
Photo: MasterChef/Facebook

When it was announced that MasterChef was finally debuting a Singapore version, people were shocked that the popular reality TV cooking competition would be aired on Channel 8. Surprise turned into anger when Mediacorp revealed that the inaugural MasterChef Singapore would be in Mandarin, as applicants were asked to rate their fluency in the language.

The national broadcaster only infuriated the public more when it explained that translation services would be provided during the show and the series would be subtitled.

Most people assumed that it was a financial decision, as Channel 8 attracts the biggest audience in Mediacorp’s network, but that didn’t stop netizens from expressing their disappointment in the decision to produce a Mandarin version of the show in our multi-racial country and think fit to call it MasterChef Singapore.

Anyhow, it seems the public have made themselves heard, and Mediacorp has listened to the fervent feedback. Yesterday, the TV broadcaster and Motion Content Group — which acquired the rights to produce MasterChef Singapore — declared in a joint press release that the cooking show will now air on Channel 5 in English to “reach a more diverse audience”.

As such, the Mandarin fluency question has been removed from the application form, and the casting call deadline has been extended till midnight on Apr. 6.

In the statement, it was explained that English rights to the show were “originally not available”, but after “further negotiations”, MasterChef Singapore will now “reach a more diverse audience”.

If you’re looking forward to watching it now, check back for updates on the show’s premiere later this year.

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