Man praises cabbie for helping him out in making amends with his upset pregnant wife

Photo: Esmonde Tjw / Facebook
Photo: Esmonde Tjw / Facebook

A taxi driver apparently saved a man from getting into serious trouble with his pregnant wife, with the cabbie going well beyond his job scope to help out his passenger.

Facebook user Esmonde Tjw gushed praises for the driver of a ComfortDelGro cab he took on Monday, complimenting the man for being understanding, even though he was doubtful at first.

According to his post, Esmonde had made his wife — said to be “heavily pregnant” — upset when the dinner he bought for her turned out to be pretty bad, with what appeared to be pubic hair found in it.

To make amends, he rushed out to get his wife more food and flagged down a cab to get to an unnamed shop that sells her favorite dish. In the rush, he forgot to bring his wallet and even had to borrow $5 from the cabbie to get the food.

Initially hesitant, the driver relented after Esmonde profusely apologized and explained that he had to get food for his pregnant wife. Knowing his situation, the driver even helped to rush Esmonde quickly back home to his waiting wife.

Once at home, he managed to calm down his wife with the food and paid what he owed to the taxi driver, with a little extra tip for his help.

“Such driver rarely exists as it’s not their fault for trust issues,” wrote Esmonde, referring to the cases of taxi fare evasions that cabbies would occasionally face.

“Anyone that knows him, send my warmest regards to him!”

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