It’s love, actually: Singaporean woman thought missing in 2016 marries Romanian boyfriend she met online

Photos: Donea Ionut Alexandru/Facebook
Photos: Donea Ionut Alexandru/Facebook

Turns out, love indeed is all around. In a happily heart-warming ending to this tale of romance — which made headlines back in 2016 when one party was reported missing, only to turn up halfway across the world — the couple just announced their marriage on social media, giving us all little heart flutters because yes, romance is still alive.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, let’s take you back two years ago, when 25-year-old Cheryl Yap Lay Leng and her 63-year-old mother were reported missing by her frantic taxi driver dad, who filed a police reported about their sudden disappearance. He feared that the two women had been scammed, especially after discovering flight tickets to Romania on his daughter’s credit card statement.

But in a twist of events, it turns out they were simply visiting Cheryl’s Internet beau in Romania — 18-year-old Alexandru Donea, whom she met online two years before and bonded with over a common love for manga.

Apparently, it was love at first sight for the couple, who came to Singapore with their mothers after their initial meeting. They even talked about planning a wedding in the future. Well, it seems that future is now, as the pair have tied the knot “after five years of struggling to be together”, Donea said.

In a Facebook post titled #ForeverTogether, he revealed the blissful ending to their long-distance relationship last month, when they got married in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Congrats are in order!



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