A live murtabak station popped up on the 10th floor of an HDB block, because Yishun

Photo: Shaun Ho/Facebook

Nothing much to see here, just a random dude whipping up glorious murtabak. In an HDB block. On the 10th floor. Right in front of someone’s unit. #OnlyInYishun.

Over the weekend, one resident was surprised when he stepped out of his flat, only to discover the common space by the staircase taken over by a live murtabak station. Naturally, his home was situated in the infamous neighborhood of Yishun. Because why not.

Granted, it’d be great to have pop-ups like these in heartland areas (instead of street parties or food festivals), but alas, it turns out the cooking station was arranged for a catered event. Oh well, one can hope.

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