Infamous hit-and-run road bully slapped with jail, fine, and 4-year driving ban

Photo: Video screengrab

An infamous driver who was repeatedly caught on multiple dash cam footages acting like a completely reckless road bully finally had the book thrown at him on Wednesday, The Straits Times reported.

Ho Loong Chan, 65, was sentenced to five months and two weeks in jail for a hit-and-run accident in 2016 that saw him bumping into a motorcycle along the Ayer Rajah Expressway, causing the rider and his pillion to crash on the road. The former Land Transport Authority engineer then fled the scene, but not before another vehicle captured the ordeal on dash cam.

Prior to the crash, Ho had been intimidating the motorcyclist with reckless driving, switching lanes abruptly without signaling, playing the braking game, and veering way too close to the rider. The motorcyclist, 29-year-old Muhammad Fazly Rahmat, nearly hit a curb and was even forced onto a road shoulder at one point, ST reported.

The accident left Fazly with contusions and abrasions on his calf, and he was given a week of medical leave to recover. His pillion, 27-year-old Siti Farina, suffered abrasions on her knee and hand, and was given three days of medical leave. Of course, the motorbike was damaged as well.

It took two days for the police to track Ho down before he was arrested. In court, Ho was described by the prosecution as a “clear road bully” with a sordid history in committing road offences. Since 1995, the man was involved in nine road-related offences that included inconsiderate driving, speeding, and running a red light.

The latest conviction sees Ho fined $800 and slapped with a four-year ban from driving on top of the jail term. The 65-year-old is reportedly appealing against his sentence.

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