IKEA video shows what happens when you max out X-mas

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Everyone goes a little crazy at the end of the year. Suddenly it’s socially acceptable for entire families to wear matching red and green sweaters. It’s 30 degrees outside, people!

Yes, you can always count on Christmas to bring out the festive spirit. Some spirits can even get a little too festive. We’re looking at you, mistletoe headbands.

Where do you fall on the grinch to Santa spectrum? IKEA Singapore’s new viral video Max Out Your Xmas lets you decide just how festive you’re going to get by spinning the dial on an unsuspecting family as they innocently sing a Christmas carol in their living room.

Let them keep their stylish, Scandinavian decor or rain down fake snow, blast Christmas carols and shock them with blinking Christmas lights. Ok, we’re just kidding about that last part.

Click the dial and choose 3 levels of X-mas settings from X-Min to X-Max. Think of it as a glimpse into your holiday future. Will it include cannonballs of confetti and life-size reindeer or just one of those cute mini trees that miraculously fits in your closet?

Hint, hint: Watch each setting to the end for some snowy surprises.

And whatever your level of holiday spirit you’ll find what you need at Ikea.

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