Ikea Singapore’s own take on crispy rendang chicken now available till the end of the month

Photo: Ikea / Facebook

Rendang-gate moment marketing is still going strong, even though the regional uproar over crispy rendang chicken seems to be losing steam already.

Ikea Singapore successfully got over the hump of being slammed by the public over the inferior quality of its fried chicken wings, and now the sassy Swedish furniture retailer has gone a level above that. Behold, its own take on crispy chicken rendang (which really is just its regular fried chicken wings slathered in rendang sauce).

We imagine that the rendang aberrations weren’t cooked using the “Tolerant” wok, which apparently tolerates everything except crispy rendang.

If you’d like to taste a Swedish take on a British man’s woefully misinformed concept of a classic Malay dish, the rendang chicken wings are available at all Ikea Restaurants from today till end of April. But if you’d like to attempt your own crispy rendang chicken at home, here’s a guide on how we did it.

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