If you start seeing giant bowties on the road, this is why

A campaign promoting good road etiquette is fast winning the hearts of Singaporeans. 

The Gentlemen Movement, fronted by local celebrities like ‘selfie MP’ Baey Yam Keng, bloggers Yan KayKay and Mr. Miyagi, as well as girl about town Tracy Phillips, has garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube since the upload of their video promo. 

The campaign encourages drivers to “be the better man” by giving way, not using vulgar gestures and language, not talking on the phone and generally, not being a royal pain on the road. 

To drive the message home, they’re attempting to raise $15,900 on Indiegogo to manufacture giant bowties for cars — they’re supposed to tell other drivers you’re playing nice —and campaign decals, among other things. 

Wrote the team on their Indiegogo page, “There are more than 970,000 vehicles on our Singapore roads. If 1 out of 1,500 cars put up this bow tie, a positive effect will happen. We will stop being angry on the roads. And that will stop the unnecessary accidents and deaths.” 

Photo: Video screenshot


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