ICA roasts a contraband cigarette smuggler so hard, we felt the burn from Woodlands to Tuas

Photo: ICA / Facebook

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) — respected gatekeepers of security and safety of our borders — proved that they were adept at another calling: Providing scorching hot burns.

Somebody call their firefighting Home Team colleagues from the Singapore Civil Defence Force; ICA just laid down a savage roast upon a man who was caught trying to smuggle in duty-unpaid cigarettes (they need to be declared at checkpoints, FYI) via his pants.

“Six-pack? ICA officers only see two packs”.


Perhaps the man believed that the smartest way to foil security would be by hiding the cigarette boxes in the most obvious way possible. He only has himself to blame when even a government agency pointed out that he needs to shape up. If he didn’t want to be fat-shamed on Facebook, maybe he should’ve been more creative (or you know, not break the law).

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