How the hell did ‘A Singapore Love Story’ become the bestselling book in Singapore?

If you’re as perplexed about top bestselling book in Singapore according to Google Play, don’t worry, we’re as puzzled as you are. 

Who would’ve thunk that Low Kay Hwa’s A Singapore Love Story is the most popular book in the country, surpassing other known international titles including John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, and Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire on the app store? 

First published in 2011, Low’s romance novel (featuring a clichéd plot about young lovers facing objections about their relationship from their family) has reportedly sold over 1,200 print copies this year. Even so, his book managed to top the Google Play store, with another one of his titles I Believe You appearing in the top 20 list. 

On the overwhelming popularity of his book, Low tells The New Paper that it’s probably due to the relatability of local stories, in addition to a front page feature on the app store. 

It is truly odd how and why Singaporeans are absolutely loving his book — according to The New Paper, his relatively inferior writing skills have been said to possess all the dexterity and finesse of a Secondary One student, complete with poor grammar competency and a mediocre literary style. 

Low defends his work, maintaining that he has been taking heed of all criticisms and is continually working hard on improving. 

Whether his skills as a writer can be disputed or not, the fact remains that A Singapore Love Story is a bestseller in Singapore, which is something that should be commended. However it does say something about the penchant of readers in Singapore; when something like Fifity Shades of Grey can still remain in the top three bestselling books on Google Play three years since its release, it’s not hard to see how Low’s novel can hit number one. 

Photo: Low Kay Hwa Facebook page

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