Great Scott! DeLorean car mysteriously appears in Woodlands carpark

Where this car’s going, it doesn’t need roads lah. Though we’ve already had our Back To The Future day yesterday, America is only now commemorating the day when Doc Brown and Marty McFly made their leap to the (now past) future of Oct 21, 2015. 

To commemorate the historic day immortalized in Back To The Future Part II, local artist Mezame has rigged up his toy DeLorean to land in the quiet neighbourhood of Woodlands with the magic of forced perspective photography and Photoshop. 


“It’s 21st October 2015 in Singapore. Happy Back to the Future Day!”Photography by The Art of Mezame#bttf #delorean…

Posted by The Art of Mezame on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The timeless charm of the time-travelling trilogy had the whole world waiting for this particular day, and though they did get some things right (video calling, 3D movies, thumbprint locks, video glasses), we’re still waiting for working hoverboards, flying cars and pizza hydrators. Some cool news released today include the announcement of Nike’s self-lacing shoes and Pepsi Perfect (but they’re all sold out). Still no news about Jaws 19 though. 

What’s particularly poignant is the fact that the future that the film’s talking about… is now effectively in the past. Heavy. 

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