Grab driver challenges himself to work for 24 hours, earns $912 on a Monday

Photos: Video screengrabs
Photos: Video screengrabs

A Grab driver who goes by the name of Sonic (gotta go fast after all) recounted on Facebook his experience in pushing himself to work for 24 hours as a personal challenge — an ordeal that earned him $912 in total from the 59 jobs he took.

Wanting to prove that it is actually possible to rake in close to $1,000 on a weekday, the Grab driver embarked on his quest on Monday, when the clock struck midnight. The man even uploaded video logs of his 24-hour work day on the ProDriver Inc Grab driver community page on Facebook to show his progress. In the first clip, he mentioned that he would begin the shift at Changi Airport, acknowledging that it would be pretty hard to get many passengers on a Monday.

“I strongly advise against driving such long hours because it’s actually very dangerous for yourself and the rider,” he urged. “Rest assured that I will stop if I feel too tired, but I’m very well rested over the weekend”.

The next update arrived at 10:20am, during his first break while getting car filled up with petrol at a Caltex station. His phone’s Grab app showed that he already earned $456 so far.

The last video was recorded at 12:02am on Tuesday — the end of a “grueling day” pushing himself to hit the 24-hour mark. He thanked his fellow ProDriver Inc group members for their support, including one who even bought food for him while he was refueling his car.

Mentioning that he did not “cherry-pick” the jobs, his Grab app displayed that the challenge rewarded him with $912, with his Acceptance Rate and Cancellation rate remaining “intact” though his Driver’s Rating got “a bit low”.

Again, Sonic urged other Grab Drivers not to attempt the same stunt — the challenge was just carried out to share that anyone can have a sustainable income as a private-hire driver with some knowledge and productivity.

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One thought on “Grab driver challenges himself to work for 24 hours, earns $912 on a Monday

  1. That is dangerous !!! He is giving Grab a very bad reputation.
    When you don’t have enough sleep, accident is going to happen !

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