Glenn Ong shits on local sci-fi drama ‘2025; show producer Nicholas Lee gets fuming mad

It’s a general known fact that Channel 5’s original TV productions rarely reach the quality level known as ‘acceptable’, and former radio DJ Glenn Ong — freed from his previous shackles in media conglomerate MediaCorp — called out on the bullshit on his Twitter account. 

Last Saturday, Ong declares the channel’s latest venture 2025 — a ‘sci-fi mystery thriller series’ — the worst local drama series of all time. He even prefers the cringeworthy ’98 superhero drama VR Man, because hey, at least that shit was unintentionally hilarous. 

Though 2025 lead actor Shane Mardjuki took it in his stride, it was showrunner Nicholas Lee (of Under One Roof fame) who took it as a personal affront and said “Fuck Glenn Ong”.


According to The Straits Times, it seems that the two still have their spat on, with Ong affirming his blunt refusal to commend the show while Lee affirms his dislike for the former radio personality, calling him “shallow”, “ignorant”, “judgemental” and “self-centred”. 

Former VR Man James Lye however had nothing to say about the ongoings, but the word on the street is that he will not be appearing alongside the Avengers in Age of Ultron

Photo: MediaCorp

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