Four of the 18 cats allegedly abducted from St John’s Island found abandoned at Sembawang Park

Photo: St John Island’s Cats / Facebook

More than a week after 18 cats native to St John’s Island were allegedly abducted and brought over to mainland Singapore, four of the island cats have been found roaming at Sembawang Park.

On Aug 26, a posse of people who aren’t part of the St John Island’s Cats group was said to have taken away the cats as some sort of rescue effort to relocate them in mainland Singapore — specifically in the Ang Mo Kio district. Attempts to reach out to the group of people who abducted the cats failed to elicit clear answers, except the alleged news that one cat was put to sleep while another was handed over to an animal shelter.

Cat welfare group St John Island’s Cats provided an update to their ongoing investigations yesterday afternoon. One cat was found at barbecue pit, appearing to have gum problems, while another was found at a carpark nearby.

The third cat was found at the park itself, while the fourth cat was said to be frightened by humans, and will require another trip to capture it with a humane trap. Meanwhile, the three hungry and thirsty felines were quickly fed by the group volunteers and taken to the vet for medical checkups.

One of the cats was found with fragments of bone in its stomach — likely a result of eating discarded leftovers at barbecue pits out of hunger.

Another update stated that the St John’s Island cats that were abducted have been “dumped” a week ago. The search continues for the rest of the island cats, while the Agri-Veterinary Authority (AVA) is investigating the still unknown culprits responsible for the deplorable deed.


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