Exploring the cleverly infuriating tweets of @SharonLiew86, the quintessentially ignorant Singaporean

Twitter screengrab
Twitter screengrab

Ladies and gents, meet Sharon Liew. She goes by the Twitter handle @SharonLiew86 and, according to her bio, she loves things like SGAG, singing karaoke and head over to Johor Bahru every once in a while. Oh, and she loves visiting Bangkok with her Malay friend too, but she’s sian (Hokkien for bored or frustrated) that the friend can only eat halal food.

Sharon Liew is also, we strongly suspect, a massive troll who may not even exist.

A glimpse at her Twitter feed easily reveals her basic AF personality, despite her actually being outspoken about heavy issues. Her eccentric commentary ranges a wide spectrum of topics, from Singapore’s race relations to National Day Parade; from Myanmar’s mistreatment of the Rohingya to KFC chicken. But what’s clear is that Sharon Liew has very low EQ and a chasmic misunderstanding of the culture of Singaporean minorities. Thus her insensitive and racist comments, complete with misspellings and factual errors.

In other words, she seems genetically engineered to be the type of person that so many of us (minorities or not) find supremely infuriating.

The reason why this Twitter account is cleverly hilarious (after you register that this person can’t possibly be someone real) is that the persona teeters on a thin line between reality and parody. The thoughts Sharon Liew spews out on Twitter are so ignorant, and yet you’ve probably met one or two (or a lot of) Singaporean ladies in real life that are a version of her. You know, the simpleton who can be inadvertently and obliviously racist.

We’ve yet to find out the people behind the Twitter account, but for now, let’s run through the many topics “Sharon Liew” turned her sights on since July, when she joined Twitter.

The BLT LGBT Community

Local music

Halal food


How to (mis)spell things

Traveling with her Malay friend

Nas Daily

Crazy Rich Asians

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