Dude gets thrown into jail again for stalking an ex-boyfriend immediately after his prison release

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Ah, the things you do for love. After he was jailed for six months last August for stalking his ex-boyfriend (over an entire year), Tan Boon Wah landed himself another stint in prison for doing the very same thing.

Tan received a nine-month sentence in jail for unlawfully stalking his former lover on at least two occasions from October to December 2016, Channel NewsAsia reports. It’s a pretty warped case of lovesickness — he turned up at his ex’s doorstep on the day he was released from prison, ringing the doorbell and loitering in the vicinity in an attempt to make contact.

The 22-year-old full-time National Serviceman (who’d been with Tan for four years) called the police twice on him after he refused to leave. Tan was arrested once again.

Even out on bail, Tan was relentless in his harassment. He continued loitering outside his ex’s flat, followed him every time he left the house, and pestered the victim to unblock him on social media.

On Dec 8, Tan was once again placed in cuffs and spent Christmas in jail after being denied bail. But after he was released on bail a month later, Tan posted links to videos of the victim online and commented publicly about his case.

In court, the prosecution called for a nine-month jail term on grounds that Tan’s previous term did nothing at all to deter him. The judge agreed.

“Relationships start and relationships end. If you don’t face the truth, you will cause yourself, and the victim, greater damage,” District Judge Kenneth Yap told Tan.

Prior to this offence, Tan’s stalking had been way more severe. Every single day from May 2015 until May 2016, Tan harassed his ex by loitering outside the victim’s flat at 6am, and waiting outside the victim’s army camp at 5pm. He would then continue to loiter outside the victim’s flat to confront him until late at night, and remain outside his house until as late as 11pm. One time in February 2016, Tan even sent the victim two nude photos he took of him without consent, and attempted to blackmail the ex into replying his emails.

The stalking caused distress among the victim’s family, for obvious reasons. The victim’s mother grew paranoid and had difficulty sleeping, anxious that Tan was eavesdropping on the family’s conversations. His dad suffered “anger issues” from daily confrontations with Tan.

It took a total of 22 police reports before Tan was finally nabbed for that whole year of stalking.

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