Driver parks car on pavement in Woodlands, arrogantly blocks way for wheelchair

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

The classic Singaporean slander “YOUR GRANDFATHER ROAD, AH??” was taken to new heights in Woodlands when someone decided that yes, the pavement did indeed come under the ownership of his progenitors — and parked his huge Toyota SUV on it.

On Sunday afternoon, a netizen went to Facebook to express his bewilderment over the apparent assholery from a driver who thought nothing about planting his car on a footpath near Block 632 along Woodlands Ring Road. What made it even more hilarious was the fact that it was indiscriminately parked on the pavement right in front of a multi-storey carpark.

Photo: Facebook

It would have been fine if it were an emergency or something, but it seemed like the driver actually believed he was in the right to park anywhere he wanted to. According to the netizen’s account, the offending driver “arrogantly admitted” that his car had been parked there for over an hour — he even offered his IC and driving license. He reportedly didn’t think he did anything wrong, even when an old lady in a wheelchair had her pathway blocked by the car.

Photo: Facebook

Folks were quick to point out that the car’s license plate was a Selangor-registered one, but surely you can’t plop your big-ass cars on pavements over there, too?


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