Demolition of Rochor Centre properly kicks off next week

Photo: Jnzl’s Photos / Flickr

Many, many months since access into Rochor Centre was closed off, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will finally begin the actual demolition process of the iconic buildings next Tuesday.

The former residential complex stands on the future location of the North-South Corridor, an integrated transport passageway which will connect northern towns directly to the city.

Demolition will be done by machines floor by floor, starting at the top, and is expected to be completed in April 2019, according to an LTA press release.

“For the convenience of pedestrians during the works, temporary sheltered walkways have been erected at alternative routes around the site,” wrote LTA.

The LTA has also erected signs for pedestrians as well as noise barriers, dust screens, and a water spraying system to control airborne particles during the process.

Works to construct the section of North-South Corridor near Rochor Centre will follow after the completion of the demolition works and site preparatory works.

The Rochor Centre was an iconic part of Singapore’s landscape, and its 2016 closure prompted many farewell gestures and tributes from nostalgic locals and artists. Fun fact — the spot was once known as “Little Johor” in the ’80s for being a popular stopover for the newly arrived Malaysians who disembarked at the Queen Street Bus Terminal located along nearby Queen Street. 

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