Daughter recounts GrabCar driver’s kindness to her late father, who suffered a cardiac arrest during the ride

Photo: Erik Starck/Flickr

Last Wednesday, a woman took to Facebook to express her gratitude to one kind soul, a GrabCar driver who went the extra mile to help her ailing father. Explaining that it was a “much overdue post” to commend the man, she revealed that the incident occurred on Mar. 8 just after 3pm, when her late father asked her to book him a ride from Bedok to Yishun.

Tragically, he went into cardiac arrest and collapsed just moments after boarding the vehicle. Thankfully, the quick-thinking driver grabbed her dad’s phone and called her to inform her about his situation. He then insisted on driving her father to Changi General Hospital out of his own goodwill, instead of prolonging things by calling an ambulance.

Even though her father accidentally puked in the car while he was unconscious, the driver declined to receive a small token that her uncle offered him in return for his troubles, claiming that he did it “for God’s sake”.

Speaking to The Pride, she said, “there are not many people who are like that anymore nowadays, so my dad was especially touched by what he did”.

The Pride noted that her father eventually recovered, but sadly fell ill again soon after and passed away two weeks later. He had hoped to contact the compassionate driver before his passing, but since the Grab app doesn’t permit direct contact between drivers and passengers, his daughter decided to respect her late father’s wish by sharing the incident on Facebook.

Her post, which subsequently went viral, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the GrabCar driver’s daughter contacted her and she could, in turn, convey her thanks.

In the aftermath of it all, she mused, “it made me think, that there are still kind people around. It’s not always easy to meet one, and I’d like to think that he was an angel sent by God to help my dad in his time of need.”

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