Dangerous Driving: Car stops suddenly on right-hand lane of expressway, causes chain accident

A black car reportedly braked suddenly while on an expressway, causing two cars behind it to collide (Photo: Screenshot from ROADS.SG/Facebook)

When it comes to driving, Singapore definitely has its fair share of shall we say … less-than-savvy motorists who can never seem to tell their left from their right.

The driver of a black car joins this ignominious league of people who should know better, after deciding to suddenly put the brakes on in the right-most lane of an expressway in video footage captured Friday, causing two other vehicles to collide in an accident.

The video was shared Saturday on the ROADS.SG Facebook page and has garnered more than 37,000 views as of press time, as well as a bunch of comments from irate Singaporeans who are accusing the driver of braking suddenly because of a speed camera that was reportedly ahead.

Particular mention was given to the fact that the driver of the car could have used the speed camera as an excuse when filing an accident report.

Some commenters had some nasty words for the driver who recorded the video as well after he swerved into the next lane to avoid the accident.

Just a few days ago, a family of a deceased accident victim had to resort to appealing to the public for more information on the accident where a van driver allegedly acted unconcerned after he knocked her down.

Given the number of motorists who seem unable to learn how to operate their accelerator and brake pedals properly, ROADS.SG has published a few pointers from this incident.

“Safety stopping distance and paying attention further up front than the car in front is a good defensive driving skill,” wrote the page administrators.

“Swerving to avoid an accident is NOT advisable and might get your driving license taken away should you hurt a biker,” it added.

To all motorists out there, travel safe and please bring your brains on the road with you.


Editor’s Note: Removed the listing of a license plate for privacy concerns. 

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