Cum again? Singapore resto reposts raunchy Instagram story, thanks patron

Saizeriya reposted this Instagram story with a rather nasty description of its risotto. Photo: Daisosocks/Reddit
Saizeriya reposted this Instagram story with a rather nasty description of its risotto. Photo: Daisosocks/Reddit

A Japanese-Italian restaurant chain has found itself in a hot load of shame after reposting a customer’s lewd Instagram story ridiculing its risotto as resembling a bowl of ejaculate.

While Saizeriya’s social media team appears to have deleted its unfortunate repost of the customer’s description of its dish as a “cum bucket,” screenshots found their way to Reddit and the Instagram of the customer who made the obscene comparison, @Filmjunyi.

“Hello, this is filmjunyi from Instagram HAHAHAH,” he wrote on Reddit, under a thread titled “Cursed Image.” He went on to explain what happened:

“I ordered the mf risotto and [I] ordered takeaway due to the restaurant restrictions during this time and I just posted it on my ig, my friend asked me to tag saizeriya as a joke and I was like haha sure nothing will happen right AND I DIDNT KNOW THEY WOULD REPOST MY C U M B U C K E T feel free to ask me anything [I don’t] even know how [the fuck I] ended up here [to be honest].”

Filmjunyi said he bought the meal yesterday and posted a photo of it to his account, comparing the container of creamy risotto to a collected depository of a man’s semen. He did note one culinary characteristic in his caption, which read: “cum bucket with a dash of olive oil.”

In case it needs explaining, the vaunted reference source that is Urban Dictionary says the term refers to a sexually wanton woman.

Little did he expect that his post would be reshared to Saizeriya’s official Instagram account to promote its takeaway service. The firm even thanked him. 

“Call us for takeaway at takeaway at all our 27 outlets[.] [T]hank you for your patronage!” the caption read in a post reshared to @Saizeriyasg. 

All Saizeriya outlets, along with other restaurants in Singapore, have been limited to selling takeout only under the country’s month-long “circuit breaker” measures designed to curtail the spread of COVID-19, which has stricken at least 1,481 people and killed six as of today.

It’s not clear when the restaurant deleted the post. The customer said he initially deleted his post too, out of fear of getting into trouble, only to put it up in his Instagram stories again. 

And just for context I deleted the post out of panic, [I] didn’t want to get in trouble with the school or anything BECAUSE WHO REPOSTS A CUSTOMER CALLING THEIR FOOD A C U M B U C K E T,” he added on Reddit.

Some conspiracy-minded Redditors speculated that Saizeriya was in on the joke and shared it as a marketing ploy.

“Normally I’ll call that a big PR boo boo, but when [you] eat at sighzeriya often like me, you can’t help but think maybe the presentation has already become a sort of warped publicity for them and they are actually super proud of it. Looool,” Redditor Khasdd said.

“Free viral publicity. So over the top no one would believe it. Word of mouth earned mentions. In hard times when the [advertisement] budget is toast this is pure gold,” Redditor Mmscstar said.

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