CoronaVillains: Handy comic helps spot COVID-19 troublemakers

At left, one of the CoronaVillains, Embarrassador appears in a newly released comic. Its cover, at right. Images: A Good Citizen/Facebook
At left, one of the CoronaVillains, Embarrassador appears in a newly released comic. Its cover, at right. Images: A Good Citizen/Facebook

The global pandemic has brought out the best and worst in Singapore, with the latter including embarrassing panic-buyers and COVID-19 snitches. Now a band of creatives has created a guide to identifying them from a safe distance. 

Known for their satirical takes on Singaporean affairs, the collective known as A Good Citizen today released a comic series titled Coronavillains, featuring five funny-but-true characters such as Panic Boy and Xeno Warrior Princess.

“Circuit Breaker may be tough, but things could get even tougher if you let the CoronaVillains get to you! Use this handy guide to identify the troublemakers and extra-distance yourself from them!” the caption read. 

They didn’t miss the chance to riff on the vanquished “Virus Vanguard” of government-sponsored CoronaHeroes that landed with a thud earlier this month.

“With the downfall of the #VirusVanguard, heinous villains have arisen to make these dark times even darker. Is there hope for Singapore, now that the CORONAVILLAINS are on the prowl?!”

The six-page comic consists of profiles of the five characters.

Embarrassador, possibly one of the most familiar of the troublemakers, was inspired by snitches and vigilantes who publicly shame those they deem out of compliance. “Your shame gives her life,” it says.

Panic Boy is inspired by paranoid individuals who hoard supplies or rush places about to shut down on indefinite order. Think of the bubble tea zombies from several days ago. 

The Xeno Warrior Princess is quick to blame foreign workers for outbreaks or for flouting social distancing measures.

What is a Fat Chope? Read the comic to find out.

Some have pointed out details on the cover such as a penis barcode and stamp of the now-defunct Comics Code Authority from ‘50s America which regulated comic book morality. 

A Good Citizen has been around since 2013, and has produced past works with the mass transit system, National Library Board and Wildlife Reserve Singapore.

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