Company behind Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits gets righteously sued for copyright infringement

The company that have been suing people left and right over illegal downloads of Dallas Buyers Club got a righteous dose of their own medicine when a lawsuit has been slapped on them for *drum roll* copyright infringement. 

That’s right, Voltage Pictures — the American movie company who were so anal about people infringing the copyrights of their film Dallas Buyers Club — are facing a lawsuit by the owners of Godzilla for using its trademark and images of the kaiju without permission. 

Japanese corporation Toho filed the lawsuit this week against Voltage Pictures for “brazenly producing, advertising, and selling an unauthorised Godzilla film of their own”, reports. “That defendants, who are known for zealously protecting their own copyrights, would do so is outrageous in the extreme,” the lawsuit stated.

The film they’re disputing about is Colossal, which would star Anne Hathaway as a woman who discovers a link between herself and a suspiciously Godzilla-like monster lizard destroying Tokyo. 

The lawsuit seeks monetary relief from Voltage Pictures to the tune of USD150,000 per infringement and a permanent end to using any Godzilla trademarks or characters. 

Earlier this year, Voltage issued threatening letters of demand across the USA, Australia and Singapore over alleged illegal downloads of Dallas Buyers Club. Internet service providers M1, StarHub and SingTel were forced to snitch on their customers and provide the particulars of IP addresses allegedly found to have illegally downloaded the film. 

Photo: galactic.supermarket via Flickr

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