Classic childhood candy White Rabbit to have a lip balm version soon

Photo: Taobao
Photo: Taobao

Y’all know what White Rabbit is. The cheap candy fix for local kids back then that blew our minds when we found out that the wrapper (made out of sticky rice) it comes with is actually edible.

But in case you can’t get your White Rabbit fix so easily, may we recommend the White Rabbit-flavored lip balm they’re coming up with soon? Goldthread — the South China Morning Post’s food and culture publication — found out that a Chinese cosmetics company called Maxam is coming up with a chapstick that supposedly tastes like the childhood favorite. Nothing like moisturizing dry lips with a sweet, creamy milk smack.

Photo: Taobao
Photo: Maxam/via Taobao

The lip balm is already listed on Chinese online marketplace Taobao for pre-order, and goes for CNY ¥95 (about S$19) a pack, though it’s not yet specified in the listing how many tubes come in each pack. In any case, Weibo users have already enthused their yearning to buy the lip balm, with one person noting “Oh! If (I) bought it, I would probably finish it — not by applying it, but by eating it.”

Some trivia for ya. Originating from Shanghai, the makers of White Rabbit came up with their own take on English milk candy back in ’43 and first packaged the products with a red Mickey Mouse drawing on the labels — thus its original name ABC Mickey Mouse Sweets. Thanks to the ABC Candy Factory becoming state-owned during the revolution, they got rid of the Mickey Mouse logo (being a symbol from the West) and replaced it with an illustration of a White Rabbit, complete with Chinese and English hand-lettering. Demand exploded and it soon found its way into Singapore, where kids would try not to get caught chewing on them during classes.

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