Checkpoint arrest over airsoft guns leads to larger stash of illegal weapons

Photo: ICA

A Singaporean man has been arrested for attempting to sneak several weapons into the country when he hid the illegal items in a really, really obvious place.

The 29-year-old man was found with two sets of dismantled airsoft guns, a flick knife, and a baton in his car when he came through Woodlands Checkpoint last Monday, according to an official report from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Officers who carried out the search did not have to look too hard to find the airsoft guns under the seats and the baton in the glove compartment. The flick knife was concealed in his pocket.

Photo: ICA

Luckily, Mr. Weapons-under-the-seat was careless enough to get caught before doing any real damage. But the investigation took a scary turn after his arrest.

In a follow-up on the investigation, police acquired information about two other men with similar illegal weapons. Officers from Jurong Police Division discovered multiple unregistered airsoft pistols, revolvers, projectiles, tactical knives and a pair of handcuffs in an operation conducted next day. 

Police say that the men, ages 27 and 45, were arrested for possessing the illegal weapons and that investigations are still ongoing.

The trio were arrested under the Arms and Explosives Act. Singapore draws a hard line on the unauthorized possession and usage of firearms — including toy guns that shoot little pellets.

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