Cat found chopped in two at Marine Crescent

Reports of cat abuse have been floating around more vigorously on Facebook lately, but none as visually appalling as a series of photos uploaded by a Randy Wong yesterday evening. 

In it, a cat is seen lying dead in the grass with its body seemingly chopped in two across its torso. 

In some photos, bits of fur can be seen stuck to the ground around the body, but the most disturbing shot is one of what look like innards lying in a pile. 

According to Mr. Wong, the photos were taken at Block 47 Marine Crescent. 

The person who took the photos apparently reported seeing police officers and representatives from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at the site. 

Neither authority has issued a statement on the matter at press time. 

Editor’s Note: Due to the gruesome nature of the photos, Coconuts Singapore has chosen not to publish the full album in this article. 

Photo: Randy Wong

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