American man returns to Victory Restaurant for Indian food 45 years after his first visit in 1974

Screengrab from Victory Restaurant’s video
Screengrab from Victory Restaurant’s video

You know your food is good when diners come back for more, and you know your restaurant’s on solid ground when you get repeat patrons through the years. It works both ways.

So we imagine how pleasantly surprised Victory Restaurant must’ve been when a customer returned to their North Bridge Road space 45 years after his initial visit. The American man had apparently arrived in Singapore in 1974 and sampled his first taste of Indian food (chicken curry with chapati) at the joint.

It must’ve left a great impression, because the dude brought the restaurant’s business card home to West Virginia, which didn’t have any Indian eateries at the time, to show to his family and friends.

Decades later, on a tourist stopover in Singapore with his wife, he went back to the same spot in search of the place that introduced him to Indian cuisine. Declaring how much he enjoyed the food and the service, he said he felt like he’d returned “to see family again.”

A sweet story, plus great publicity for the restaurant. It’s a win-win for all.

Watch the man narrate his tale below.

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