Aggro Maserati driver caught speeding against flow of traffic gets arrested for dangerous driving

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

Remember that really aggro Maserati driver who got into an accident of his own doing along Lorong Chuan? Yeah, it seems like he was arrested for dangerous driving, according to a STOMP report.

The police confirmed to the publication that a 49-year-old man was arrested in connection to the incident on Sept 7, footage of which went viral online after getting uploaded on Facebook last Friday. The supercar driver had been going way too fast and didn’t manage to brake in time to avoid hitting a lorry, which had to ride between two lanes due to traffic cones. The Maserati then bumped up a curb and landed on the wrong side of the road, before speeding against the flow of traffic and stopping in front of the lorry.

Investigations are still ongoing, according to the police. It wouldn’t have been the man’s first time getting caught being a prick either — another dashcam clip from two years ago depicted the driver driving recklessly. Motorcyclist Kelvin Ng was the victim of the same Maserati driver’s aggression when he was honked and glared at before the supercar sped off.

Another motorist also had the misfortune of being intimidated by the Maserati driver. A Facebook user who goes by the name of Derrick Love Ginnie Gan uploaded a clip that showed how the belligerent man aggressively tailgated him. According to Derrick, the Maserati man even played the braking game after overtaking him.

An anonymous tip-off from a reader indicated that the Maserati driver is a professor at the National University of Singapore, but we can’t verify that information yet.

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