Aggro jogger slams his hand onto a taxi bonnet while crossing road, only to trip over himself later

Video screengrabs
Video screengrabs

Ah, how the high and mighty fall. A self-entitled man thought nothing of hitting a vehicle to proclaim his manliness while crossing the road — only to stumble and nearly fall down flat on his face in front of several motorists and their passengers.

Karma was in full display at the driveway into D’Leedon condominium off Leedon Heights in the late afternoon last Sunday. A man in athletic attired was caught acting in a hostile manner towards a cabbie, who may or may not have offended him earlier in some way. Regardless, the aggro macho man was seen slamming his hand hard on the taxi bonnet while crossing the road, pointing menacingly at the cabbie and seemingly asserting that he had the right of way (he did not).

A few seconds later, he lost his balance somehow, arms flailing wildly in a less-than-glamorous manner.

It must have been a glorious scene for the long queue of drivers waiting in line along Leedon Heights. The man’s 2019 energy is way off, but hopefully, he learned his lesson.

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