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This is where we bring you the latest compelling headlines, viral stories, riveting developments and other Serious Matters encompassing nearly everything under the Singapore sun. We take whatever current affairs piece everyone’s talking about and explain it in a manner that's enlightening, refreshing and — where appropriate — with tongue firmly in cheek. With our finger on the pulse of the Little Red Dot, we’ve got you covered with news updates, community happenings, heartland tales, animal adventures, sensational videos, and even good old weather updates. If you’re the type who likes to stay up to date on Singapore’s political scene, criminal happenings, technological advances, or environmental matters, we’ll keep you in the loop. And whenever bizzare, outlandish or outright peculiar things happen on our island (and they do, more often that you’d think), we’re here to point ‘em out – because sometimes you just need a little fun in your life. However complex the issue is, like the state of the economy, or however simple, like a rise in Electronic Road Price gantry charges, we deliver it in our typically droll manner. Let’s be honest here – no one really enjoys reading tediously bland articles, so we do what we can to spruce up our stories. Sometimes, we even throw in a witty twist or a snippet of an opinion so it doesn’t read too dry and you don’t get overwhelmed by facts or numbers. Basically, we provide you with the perfect water cooler fodder so that things don't get too awkward at the workplace. You can thank us later.

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