WATCH: The Fab Five from Queer Eye give their fabulous blessings for Pink Dot

Photo: Video screengrab

On the day that annual gay pride rally Pink Dot is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the local LGBTQ community and its allies got a great gift: blessings and well wishes from the Fab Five themselves.

If you don’t know who the Fab Five are, hunny, you’re missing out. Netflix revived the old American reality television series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with an all-new cast of five gay men providing makeovers for people in need. The collective is referred to as the Fab Five, consisting of Tan France (fashion expert), Bobby Berk (interior design expert), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming expert and purest of souls), Antony Porowski (food and wine expert) and Karamo Brown (culture expert, but really just a psychiatrist type). The new Queer Eye is outrightly charming, fun and addictive to boot, filled with positivity and sweet moments. Do prep some tissues though — you will cry.

But back to Pink Dot. Having pop culture’s most beloved queer men supporting the freedom to love is a great gift for Singapore — an environment that seems to suppress LGBTQ voices to this day. Head on over to the Netflix Facebook page to watch the Fab Five in a little arts and crafts session as they produce messages of love to the people celebrating Pink Dot today.

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