Watch out: A 10-film, 27-hour Marvel movie marathon is coming your way

Photo: Avengers/Facebook

In the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War dropping on April 25, we’ve had Iron Man, Doctor Strange and co. drop by our shores for some exciting (and embarrassing) times over the weekend. But if you’re past the fanfare and just can’t wait for the latest superhero blockbuster to arrive, how about a chance to relive some of Marvel’s previous films (including pretty recent ones) in an epic movie marathon?

Set over the course of 27 hours — with short breaks in between — the 10-flick Marvel marathon hosted by Golden Village will be Singapore’s longest-running one at GVmax in VivoCity, starting with The Avengers on April 24 and ending with one of the country’s first public screenings of the new Avengers film the next day.

Titles on the line-up include Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther.

With a capacity to hold 602 hardcore Marvel fans, the cinema is also giving out three complimentary meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a goodie bag filled with merch, alongside activities such as a Marvel-themed photo booth and an interactive Avengers game booth on-site. All that will cost you $140, unless you’re a GV Movie Club member, which will get you $20 off the ticket price.

Who needs sleep when you’ve got an entire day’s worth of Marvel movies to catch up on?

Watch the trailer below once more just for kicks.


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