Want to increase your daily water intake? Sip on these easy tips

Photo: Mariah Hewins / Unsplash
Photo: Mariah Hewins / Unsplash

Living in the eternal sauna that is Singapore means it’s always a good idea to have a water bottle handy. We need to consume around eight glasses of water every day, and that can be challenging. We’ve compiled a few thirst-quenching ideas to break this mundanity. These tips can be applied to kids too, and introducing these tips to them will allow them to develop good hydration habits from a young age. Check it out!

1. Eat water-rich foods

That’s right, you can have your water and eat it too. One way to stay hydrated is by supplementing your water intake with juices, clear soups and shakes. Fruits are also high in water content, and are another fun way of consuming more water. Living in Southeast Asia means we have access to a whole array of tropical fruits. As Singapore imports more types of unusual fruits from around the world, you and your loved ones can enjoy discovering new fruits together from our supermarkets, wet markets and exotic fruit importers. Have you tried duku? It looks like a longan on the outside, and its thin skin can be peeled away to reveal mangosteen-like sections. Its flesh is sweet and juicy, and it’s especially refreshing on a hot day. 

2. Infuse your water with fruit

What about adding fruit to water? Perhaps you’re bored of drinking plain old mineral water — you can switch it up by putting sliced fruit in your water. This can also be a fun activity for the whole family, as even the little ones can give their input on which different combinations of fruit make the tastiest kinds of infused water. This is a great way of adding a subtle sweetness to your drink, not to mention valuable minerals and vitamins. Drinking enough water also helps to regulate body temperature, which is especially important for residents of sunny cities.

3. Pick from canned and bottled flavored water

And we’re not talking about soft drinks, which are usually high in added sugar and provide little to no nutritional value. If you’re looking for a healthy way to hydrate, take your pick from the many zero-calorie flavored water options available in your local supermarket. Have you tried Ice Mountain’s new range of Sparkling Water? These canned zero-calorie drinks are made with real fruit flavors so that their imbibers won’t miss soft drinks all that much.

Being dehydrated may cause muscle fatigue, which means it’s especially important to drink up after a workout to replace the water lost through sweat. If you’ve been exercising at the Singapore Sports Hub, look no further than the vending machines along the 100PLUS Promenade to get your fix. Here, you can cool down with carbonated or non-carbonated Ice Mountain water, or replenish those electrolytes with 100PLUS Original, 100PLUS Zero or 100PLUS orange.

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