On point: This proudly local collection of red and white tees celebrates National Day the cheeky way

Photo: Independent Market
Photo: Independent Market

You may not be ready for the onslaught of Singapore pride coming your way this week, but hey, you can join the masses with tongue firmly in cheek, thanks to this new collection of tees done up by Five Star Ratings, in collaboration with local multi-label retailer Independent Market.

The series of red and white t-shirts, each going for $28, was launched last week as a nod to National Day.

“We have always wanted to join in the conversation about matters that are close to our (Singaporean) hearts,” Independent Market told Coconuts Singapore. “We find it apt to release this particular collection and hope to inspire our fellow Singaporeans to further embrace our Singaporean spirit with wearable statement pieces on our nation’s birthday.”

Photo: Independent Market
Photo: Independent Market

Take, for example, the “We Are (Not) Ready” design, inspired by the “ongoing discussion of whether Singaporeans are ‘ready’ for many social and racial issues.”

“Although this statement about ‘readiness’ of Singaporeans is used often to justify certain laws and regulations that exist, we feel that many Singaporeans are definitely ready for more change and diversity, than what is believed by the government,” the retailer explained.

“We were ready for many things in the past when we first gained independence, but we managed to overcome all odds to become the advanced nation we are today. We are sure that many Singaporeans also share this belief that they are ready to face these social issues and welcome these changes for the country as well.”

Photo: Independent Market
Photos: Independent Market

As for the “I Am Home Sick/I Am Sick Of Home” print, it questions the true meaning of home, beyond the oft talked about surface topics like hawker food and Singlish. Meanwhile, the “National Language/National Sports/National Drinks” collection takes a more irreverent tone in regards to the “behaviors, likes, and phrases” familiar to Singaporeans.

Photo: Independent Market
Photo: Independent Market

Yeah, you most likely won’t have a problem relating to these quirks.

But if you’re not that into the colors of Singapore, you can also have a look around Independent Market’s merch inspired by local heritage and culture. Popular items include the “Let’s Makan/Jalan” illustrated tea towels and aprons, the whimsical Merlion pouch, and the Singapore flag brooch, which you can pin on like an obedient student (or, y’know, in an ironic fashion.)

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