Sentosa will be home to the new Barracks Hotel, The Outpost Hotel, and Village Hotel next year

The Barracks Hotel. Photo: Far East Hospitality

After all the hype about the Trump-Kim summit that took place in Capella Singapore, now seems as good a time as any to reveal more details about Sentosa’s three new hotels that are opening in mid-2019. Launched by Singaporean hotel operator behemoth Far East Hospitality, the trio of properties at Artillery Avenue in the Palawan area includes an entirely new brand, The Barracks Hotel.

Housed in a conserved colonial building, the 40-room heritage hotel is set to target “mature and discerning travelers” from Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, the UK, and the US who are looking for a quiet getaway, according to the company. Not much else is known about its accommodations yet.

Rooftop pool at The Outpost Hotel. Photo: Far East Hospitality

As for the 193-room Outpost Hotel, it’s more of a hip, funky spot for young couples and millennials, with colonial black and white suites and a rooftop pool overlooking the surrounding greenery.

Village Hotel Sentosa’s family room. Photo: Far East Hospitality

Then there’s the family-friendly Village Hotel, a mid-tier option for those holidaying with the little ones in tow, looking for a weekend escape in one of its 606 rooms. Otherwise, it’s also got spaces available for hosting business meetings, company retreats, and team-bonding sessions, with activities like cooking classes and fitness workouts available.

So if Capella Singapore’s prices are a tad too pricey for your next stay in Sentosa, then you’ll get to be a lot more choosy about which hotel to book around this time next year.

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