Secret Escapes curates luxe hotel deals online, causes serious wanderlust offline

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If there’s one thing we Singaporeans love, it’s an abnormally amazing deal. Like an activity that doesn’t require a permit or a hawker uncle in a good mood, they don’t come around often. And when it’s for a luxury item, even better. Call it the kiasu spirit, call it being travel savvy, we call it being a true Singaporean.

Heres where Secret Escapes comes in. This membersonly travel website curates unique luxury experiences at hand-picked 45 star hotels around the world, at up to 70% off the price you would pay booking anywhere else. How do they do it? Well, turns out even the most luxurious hotels in the world don’t like having empty rooms. (Guess they dont want to miss any opportunity either!)

Heres how it works:

Incredibly easy sign up

Hate registering with new websites? Let us stop you right there. Becoming a member is incredibly simple. Simply type in your email address and create a password. Or if you have about a gazillion passwords to remember (#firstworldproblems), simply sign up through Facebook with a single click. Voila! As a member youll receive access to membersonly rates you won’t be able to find anywhere else. That’s a guarantee, by the way!

Exclusive vacations in Sri Lanka, Bali, London, Maldives and more exotic destinations are now at your fingertips and just a very simple click away. Go forth and fulfill that wanderlusty soul of yours. But rest assured membership doesn’t cost a penny, and never will

Up to 70% off

Now back to that guarantee. The guys and gals at Secret Escapes have publicly pledged that their prices are better than anywhere else online. That promise means you don’t have to hesitate or shop around when you’re booking that romantic island holiday or once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip.

As a member, you can be confident the rates you’re seeing are exclusive to you and can’t be beaten while a sale is live. In fact, if you look online elsewhere for the best price, Secret Escapes is confident they’ll beat it. A promise has never sounded so good.

Hand-picked deals that are a cut above the rest

You dont have to wait until you land in a new country or city to feel the excitement of travel. Browsing the curated list of sales is where the thrill truly begins. Each hotel is handpicked by travel experts, so you’ll be perusing stays that are unique, luxurious, beautifully designed and almost irresistibly charming. Go glamping on a mountainside, experience Ayurvedic relaxation in luxurious cottages or stay in a villa perched over the crystal clear ocean. (Or choose all three, no judgement here!) Every single place will surely have a story of its own.

Easy stress-free bookings

Youre booking a luxury holiday, so stress is the last thing you should be feeling, right? But sometimes we cant help but be stressed at the thought of plunking down a fat wad of cash or trying to coordinate a big group of friends. Luckily there’s no fuss with Secret Escapes – you pick the dates you stay before you pay. And weve already established that you dont have to shop around. Now, what about making sure you get the deal you want, even if you have to wait for multiple travel buddies to confirm? Secret Escapes has that covered too.

Members can ‘hold’ a date until the end of the sale by paying SGD40. But don’t worry it’s not an additional fee – the SGD40 will be credited towards your next booking, whenever that may be. So if you’re organising a holiday with others or planning more than one trip, you can take your time when it comes to booking.

Flash sales 

Every week Secret Escapes runs short ‘flash sales’ for around seven days  just check out the time left displayed on each sale. There may be as many as 50 sales going on at any one time so much travel inspo! – but theyll email you to let you know what the new arrivals are. See, it does pay to be a member – in the best way of course.

Click here to check out the current sales, and feel some serious wanderlust!

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